Buildings and Monuments in Almería

The Alcazaba. A fortress garden

The Citadel is a palace of Arab origin. It has 3 campuses. The first such meeting houses and baths. It was thus an urbanized area, but today is occupied by various gardens. The second area was equipped with units palace. The building Aljifes caliphal is probably one of the best preserved of this group. They also stand a shrine Mudejar baths troops and a typical Muslim house that has been reconstructed from their sockets. Already in the third enclosure are the remains of a castle built the Catholic Kings after taking the city in 1489. The interior is available around the Patio de Armas.

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THE CATHEDRAL. The temple - stronghold of the south

Almeria is the first temple designed as a temple-fortress predominantly Gothic style. At the top was built to defend the people from attacks by pirates.
Has battlements and embrasures for the defense. Its style is Gothic and the transition is attributed to traces of Siloam Diego. Its apse is polygonal tower and the baroque. The ships interior is Gothic style with side chapels that are beautiful altarpieces. The altarpiece is Baroque altar is decorated with paintings and sculptures of great quality.

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Typically, these homes have a fireplace and a door that gives the exterior. Caves inhabited most of Almeria is located in the Barrio de Chanca, Alhabia, and Gador Benalux.
If you go to the region around Santa Fe de Modujar, about the recent excavations of the thousands, you'll see cracks of the Bronze Age in Europe and a strong built 2000 years before Christ.


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